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The Purrfect Candy Co.

Our Story


The Purrfect Candy Co. is a family-ran mobile and online candy shop specializing in retro and hard-to-find candy. They have all the sweet treats that are sure to lead your tastebuds down memory lane. 


Founded in 2017, the company is a favourite at many local markets with their table of old-time candy, like Astro Pops, Flat Taffy, Butter Rum Lifesavers, and Licorice Laces. The Purrfect Candy Co. products are also found along the market trail and at all "Coffee Pucks & Poutine"  concessions in Warburg, Thorsby, Calmar and Jubilee Park. 


The team is made up of Tasha, James "The Candy Man," and of course the cat Skittles!  Attending an average of six markets a week in the summer, team member Tasha spends countless hours sourcing old-time candy favourites, tracking the next candy craze, organizing special event candy buffets, and packaging made-to-order candy baskets. 

In 2019 they began offering wholesale pricing of their popular products and are very excited to branch out even further in 2020 with their online candy shop.

Thank you for visiting the site, and enjoy the selection of retro candy. The team looks forward to meeting you at one of the local markets!



Purchases over $20.00 qualify for free delivery. Applicable at check out.